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Sparkling Clean Pool Water

Welcome to clean pool water!

This site is designed to help you achieve the cleanest dust-free pool water.

If you live in a high dust area in northern Australia, this site is for you.

For 2 years I battled with iron ore dust in my pool and tried everything I could to keep the dust out of the pool.

Advice from local pool suppliers did not help.

After much research and testing I came up with filter systems that work.

I now have a sparkling clear pool!

There are 3 elements to my filter system:

A filtered robotic system and 2 x basket filters and a bag filter designed for the wine industry.

I also run a whole-of-house water filter that removes calcium from the local hard water.

Maintenance on my pool filter systems is minimal.

I spend 10 mins each week cleaning the basket filters.

I run the remote robotic cleaner once/week just to pick up extra debris on the bottom of the pool. (Set-and-forget)

Then I spend 5 mins cleaning the robotic filter.

Once every 6 weeks I clean the bag filter and run a backwash on the sand filter.

All my Pool Fairy filters are designed for long life and only need to be replaced after minimum 3-6 months at minimal cost.

Easy peesy.

Being a 60-something year old woman I can safely say anyone can do this!

You don’t need to be technical, or have six-pack muscles. Just common sense.

Inspired by Enjo, I designed the filters for long life and can now tell you this makes your swimming experience an absolute dream.


“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength, but through persistence.”

— Buddha


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